Quality teddy bear puppies for sale in Wisconsin! 

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Below you will find information from our wonderful clients who have purchased a puppy through us.  We hope it helps you in your decision to purchase a puppy through Wisconsinpuppies.net.


I just want to say we bought a Maltipoo from you last year- little red and came down and picked him up. I have to say he has been the best dog, easy to train and very cuddly. In fact he helped my husband when he had cancer, he never left his side. You said he may not stay red, well guess what he did. He is still very red! We are so happy we are going to be buying again from you. I’m looking for a little smaller 6-8 M or F and black. Some white is ok. I will be watching your site for the right one. I want to thank you for breeding such loving well behaved cute dogs. Oh and our little red we call him Ready, 

Robin from Minnesota!


Hey there! Just sending a update on our Maltipoo Piper.  She is awesome!  We love her and couldn't be happier.  She's wonderful!   Speaking of future litters, are you planning on another litter by Piper's parents any time soon?  I've been asked...

-Kate Kuras

Wanted to let you know that we named our puppy abigail and call her abby.  She is smart,beautiful, sweet, and spunky.  We love her so much.  Took her to the vet and she passed with flying colors.  She is potty trained in a matter of 1 week.  she is the perfect fit for our family. 

Yours Truly,
Sharon from Marshfield, wi


Hello Ryan:
I just wanted to let you know that we love Finn! (formerly Tanner)  He is smart, cute and a part of our family.  Here is a picture of our daughter and Finn.  It was an awesome Christmas and she is still beaming...so are we.  Thanks so much and just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know that we are so very pleased.
Warm regards,
-Linda in MN


The puppies are wonderful.  Very smart and adapting well.  Friends and family think they are adorable and at least a couple are considering getting one.  I have given them your name and website info. and even looked at new puppies on the website.

Attached is the Vet paper from the puppies examination for the warranty.  If you have any questions or need any further info., please let me know.

Thanks again.

-Connie Kondik-Austin, TX



I just wanted to touch base and say that we are in love with Charms (clink) !!  the kids were so excited to get a new puppy for Christmas and he has been so good – what a little trooper!! Everything went perfect with the shipping and we are now all back in Chicago and enjoying the warmer – less snowy weather.   

I will try and send a picture of the kids with the dog in a few days!! 

Thanks again for everything,

-Gigi in IL.

First of all would like to share how much we really like our new Teddy Bear, Peanut.  His new name is Meeko.  Our daughters truly LOVE him.  Thank you for such a great puppy!

-Janet and family Sun Prairie, WI

First of all would like to share how much we really like our new Teddy Bear, Peanut.  His new name is Meeko.  Our daughters truly LOVE him.  Thank you for such a great puppy!-Janet and family Sun Prairie, WI


Hi Ryan,

Holly is doing great!  She is so fun (man she loves to play when she wakes up!) and sweet at the same time.  The Vet check yesterday went well.  I will email you the paper on Monday.

Thanks for meeting us on Tuesday! We are in love with her!

 -Vicki and family Madison, WI


Hi Ryan, I have a friend who would like to know if there were any more puppies from her litter………or was there just the one I have.  Ryan…….she is a WONDERFUL “little person”………she is doing great………….we thank you so very much!  We named her Murphy……I know!  She’s a girl…..but Bob wanted “irish” J!She is happy….good…….well adjusted……(as you said J!)

Adorable…….and we love her so much!  Precious…precious!!  Loves other dogs also J!

 Sammy - Middleton, WI


Hi Ryan,

Cooper is doing awesome!!! He has such a wonderful personality!

Thanks so much!

Julie-Verona, WI


Hi Ryan,

Bananas (Jasmine) is doing well!!  I ended up getting the potty patch (a piece of fake grass with a layer under it that gathers the waste for easy clean up) instead of litter so I wouldn't have to keep buying it. haha. And she's peeing on it really well, just no stool on the potty patch yet.. but the fake grass is helping her to associate it with going outside more. She's doing awesome at waiting to go outside during her walks when I'm home! Just gotta get her a little more familiar with the potty patch for when I'm at work. And thanks for the training advice!
And I'm also attaching two of my favorite photos I took of her so you can see how happy she is in her new home!

Thanks for everything!

emily & bananas-Chicago, IL


Hi Ryan! 

    Here are two pics of "Stitch" who we have now renamed: Ziggy StarDust. (Ziggy for short) he is perfect in every way! We are all so in love, and everyone agrees he is the cutest puppy ever! He has only had a few minor accidents in the house, otherwise potty training is going well. He already knows his name too. He is starting to get used to sleeping in his crate (we got him a much smaller one as you suggested)even though he definitely prefers to cuddle. Our daughter is handling her responsibilities with him great, and she loves him so much.
    He saw his new Vet on Monday, and everything went great overall.  He really is the perfect puppy, and thank you so much for caring for him and bringing him down to meet is. We are VERY happy with him. Thank you! I will pass your info on to anyone looking for a pup in the future!

Joanie, Jason and Dina-WI. 


This is a new addition to our site.  We are adding more testimonials as they come to us. Hopefully this helps reassure people that we are what we say we are.  Thanks to all of you who submitted your testimonials!  Best of luck to you and your families!  We hope you enjoy your new companion for many years to come!

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