Quality teddy bear puppies for sale in Wisconsin! 

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Let us tell you about who we are!

First off, who are we? Our official business name is Designerpuppy. Wisconsinpuppies is a marketing website for our community. So we are a family of 5. We have 3 kids and my wife and I have been happily married since 2001. We have 3 cats (Simon 21 and Gracie (1) and a Golden Retriever named Moose (3). We are Brewers fans and Packers Fans. We have been around dogs and animals since we were kids. We were first introduced to raising puppies by a family member. This was about 14 years ago. Since then we have helped over many customers in 49 states. Sorry Hawaii! Many of our families are in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. We are licensed and inspected by the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin has very strict requirements for keeping dogs or puppies. Our license is current for 2018. We have a 99.95% satisfaction rate in 13 years. Sounds weird, but that's how the math works. We strive for 100%. We chose long ago to stick to a few specific breeds. Morkies, Maltipoos and Teddy bears. All 3 breeds were appealing to us and have definite advantages over many other breeds. Far to many breeders raise 20 different breeds without regard for quality. We network with 5 other families that are strictly devoted to raising specific breeds for us. All of our puppies are handled often and well socialized. They are also raised around children. Though we don't handle the daily chores, we see all of our puppies and parents on a weekly basis. We make sure they are vaccinated and in good health when they are ready to be sent to any home. Puppies also get vet checked prior to going to a new home. We take great pride in the bloodlines we've worked hard to find and are pushing for better genetics and colors every day. We love this business and it has been an honor to work with so many wonderful people over the years. I've recieved many awesome photos from visitors and also many heartwarming stories.

How do we work? Simple! Wisconsinpuppies.net is a marketing website for a coop of small breeders and small sellers. All of our caretaker families are to be state and federally licensed when necessary and get inspected about every 6 months. All of our families have licenses for 2019 and were all recently inspected by the state and USDA. All passed with no issues.
All of the adults get excellent care and attention. The state of Wisconsin and the USDA agree. If you want to buy a puppy from someone with 200 barking dogs behind their house, feel free, they are all over the place. We decided to do things differently. We have always made sure our animals are fed, watered, groomed, socialized and cared for. We work with Northwoods Vet Service in Black River Falls, WI. Both vets do a great job and are always willing to help us if we need it. We also work with the Augusta, WI vet and Dr Deacon from Thorp, WI. Enough said. 

  Lastly we have donated both food and money to our local animal shelter at times. They are good people doing good work. They get little or no help from the Humane Society of the US. In fact the Humane Society of the United States has been convicted of fraud and racketeering. They get a D charity rating and are anti-farmer. Real classy organization. They use propaganda videos to solicit unsuspecting people into giving them money. If you don't believe us go to WWW.HUMANEWATCH.ORG  They lay out perfectly what the Humane Society of the US is all about. The bottom line is donate local. 

There are always good dogs available in shelters. Unfortunately not a lot of non shedding small breeds.  If you wish to donate to help animals, DO NOT DONATE TO SOME SAD TV AD, donate to your local shelter.  If you don't have one, donate to ours in the local Black River Falls, WI area. They have outgrown their current building and are collecting donations to help fund a new one. Nothing fancy but they just need more space. 

Best wishes from our families to yours. We look forward to many more years of connecting families with high quality family companions.  
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